The Dane County 4-H Leaders Association is happy to announce that eleven 4-H customers have been decided on to receive a 2020 Dane County 4-H Training Scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is $1000 and will be applied to even more each individual member’s instruction.

4-H users selected to receive this scholarship have revealed fantastic private advancement and leadership in their club and group. The 4-H Training Scholarship encourages Dane County 4-H associates to continue on their schooling past large college. This year’s recipients have arranged impactful company assignments, shared their abilities and awareness with other folks as leaders, attended instructional activities, and influenced action in their clubs and communities. Dane County 4-H raises funds for the scholarship software by promoting baked potatoes and ice product at the Dane County Truthful.

The 2020 Dane County 4-H Scholarship recipients are: Austin Cooper (DeForest Helpful Helpers 4-H Club), Sydney Cowden (Twin Valley 4-H Club), Claire Michels (Oregon Headliners 4-H Club), Grace Michels (Oregon Headliners 4-H Club), Molly Olstad (Triangle Troopers 4-H Club), Patrick Penne (Twin Valley 4-H Club), Josie Ruth (Brooklyn Mighty Mites 4-H), Ashlyn Sarbacker (Triangle Troopers 4-H Club), Patrick Stoddard (Springdale 4-H Club), Corey Trzebiatowski (DeForest Handy Helpers 4-H Club), Katia Wanish (Diligent Doers 4-H Club)

Sarbacker is also the Lyman Anderson Award winner.