3-D: Small for 3-dimensional. This phrase is an adjective for something that has options that can be explained in three dimensions — top, width and size. 

colleague: Somebody who operates with another a co-employee or crew member.

CT scan: (Also known as a CAT scan). The expression is brief for computerized axial tomography. It is a exclusive type of X-ray scanning engineering that provides cross-sectional sights of the inside of a bone or entire body.

decomposition: The system by which compounds in at the time-living items are broken down and returned to the atmosphere the procedure by which some thing decays or rots.

engineer: A human being who makes use of science to solve troubles. As a verb, to engineer usually means to layout a product, content or approach that will resolve some difficulty or unmet want. (v.) To conduct these jobs, or the name for a man or woman who performs these types of duties.

kidney: Just about every in a pair of organs in mammals that filters blood and makes urine.

mineral: Crystal-forming substances that make up rock, these as quartz, apatite or different carbonates. Most rocks contain many distinctive minerals mish-mashed jointly. A mineral normally is good and secure at home temperatures and has a particular components, or recipe (with atoms happening in certain proportions) and a certain crystalline framework (this means that its atoms are arranged in standard 3-dimensional designs).

design: A simulation of a authentic-globe occasion (typically employing a laptop) that has been produced to forecast just one or more most likely outcomes. Or an personal that is meant to show how a little something would work in or seem on some others.

mummify: The course of action by which a corpse is preserved chemically or via drying. In quite a few scenarios, communities have deliberately preserved selected customers of their culture. But bodies of some individuals and animals have naturally mummified as the tissues dried out ahead of microbes could degrade them (split them down, as by rotting).

mummy: A physique preserved by natural processes or human engineering, with some skin and organs remaining.

novel: Anything that is intelligent or abnormal and new, as in hardly ever observed before.

scanner: A equipment that runs some form of gentle (which incorporates just about anything from X-rays to infrared vitality) more than a person or item to get a succession of visuals. When a pc brings these photos collectively, they can supply a movement photograph of a little something or can give a 3-dimensional perspective by the concentrate on. Such units are frequently utilized to see inside the human overall body or sound objects without breaching their area.

skull: The skeleton of a person’s or animal’s head.

species: A team of equivalent organisms capable of producing offspring that can survive and reproduce.

instrument: An object that a human being or other animal will make or obtains and then employs to carry out some intent such as achieving meals, defending by itself or grooming.

virtual: Being practically like some thing. An item or strategy that is virtually actual would be almost accurate or serious — but not pretty. The time period typically is applied to refer to something that has been modeled — by or accomplished by — a computer employing figures, not by employing authentic-earth sections. So a virtual motor would be a single that could be viewed on a laptop or computer display and analyzed by laptop or computer programming (but it wouldn’t be a 3-dimensional machine created from steel). (in computing) Things that are executed in or by digital processing and/or the net. For instance, a digital conference may perhaps be where by individuals attended by looking at it over the net.

digital reality: A 3-dimensional simulation of the actual planet that would seem really reasonable and allows persons to interact with it. To do so, men and women typically don a unique helmet or glasses with sensors.

Wales: Just one of the 3 components of Excellent Britain (the other two becoming England and Scotland. It is also element of the United Kingdom (whose other associates consist of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

X-ray: A form of radiation analogous to gamma rays, but possessing fairly reduce electrical power.