Stonehenge improved voices and music in the stone ring

Welcome to Soundhenge. Alright, it’s genuinely identified as Stonehenge. But this historical monument in southern England is a marvel of acoustics (Ah-KOO-stix). Its massive stones would have amplified voices and improved audio for persons inside of the huge circle, a new research implies.

The way the stones were put produced a described acoustic space. Speech or new music inside it would not have leaked out into the encompassing countryside. Not even persons standing close to the stone circle would have listened to, suggests Trevor Cox.

His team describes Stonehenge’s sound in the October Journal of Archaeological

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Underground mega-monument found near Stonehenge

Land encompassing the web-site of what was after an historical village in Excellent Britain turned up a huge surprise: significant underground shafts. Surrounding the town, the formation has a diameter of extra than two kilometers (1.2 miles). Each and every hole has straight sides and is stuffed with loose soil.

The shafts day to a time recognized as the Neolithic, or late Stone Age. They were being dug more than 4,500 several years ago around one more ancient web site of much higher fame — Stonehenge. Above the millennia, the shafts stuffed with dust and became overgrown. From the area,

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