Practical Tips for Packing When You Travel

Practical Tips for Packing When You Travel

The importance of packing for a holiday can never be overstated, and with the recent threat of terrorist acts in the world, it is always wise to be extra careful. If you are traveling abroad, there are many ways to make sure that your luggage will survive the trip intact. Here are some of the most effective packing tips when traveling abroad:

Start your packing before four weeks ago:

When it comes to packing for a holiday, many travelers fall short. Start your packing schedule at least four weeks in advance of your planned departure date; at least then, you’ll have time to create a full-fledged packing list and buy any other items that you may need for the overseas trip. Your packing list should include the size of your luggage, as well as its destination, for example, airports, seaports, hotels, and train stations. If you are flying, ensure that your checked luggage is also packed properly and take along a copy of your flight’s security report. This will help you prove that you’ve had proper protection from the airline.

Not to overload your luggage:

It is advisable not to overload your luggage, as it may cause damage to your bags. When traveling abroad, do not overload the luggage because this may lead to theft of the bags. Always try to pack a few essentials, such as medicines, money, cards, documents, and toiletries. In addition, ensure that the weight of your bags is not more than 30 kilograms, as this may constitute an obstruction when passing through airport security.

Easy to open and close packing:

It is wise to pack your bags in a manner that makes them easy to open and close. Use zipper strips or strong tape to fasten your luggage to its place. It’s also important to pack light, especially if you are flying. Remember that it is better to have too little packing light and too much heavy luggage that can cause damage to your bags.

Avoid packing in a suitcase:

Another one of the packing tips for long journeys is to avoid packing too many items in a suitcase. A single item of clothing should be packed in a suitcase only. Leave at least two pieces of clothing for your carry-on luggage. Also, if you are flying, then you can opt to buy a separately padded piece of clothing rather than packing the suitcase with your underwear.